Tips on managing and retaining your client base and benefits of CRM for a sales manager

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CRM sales manager- What are the benefits of CRM for a sales manager? How can CRM be used in the best possible way to implement effective actions in customer management?

The fact that customer loyalty is just as important – if not more important – than acquiring new customers is now well established. What we’re witnessing today, however, is the affirmation, in virtually every industry, of an even more customer-centric business philosophy, whereby business results can be improved primarily by cultivating relationships. And, if attracting a new customer costs five times more than keeping an existing one, then the first rule of any business should be to invest in building valuable relationships, minimizing the risk of abandonment, and avoiding or reducing acquisition costs.

Each consumer leaves valuable traces of information at touchpoints in each step of the purchasing path designed by the brand: not only personal data that allow identification, but also quantitative and qualitative data that describe, if correctly interpreted, his consumption experiences. Among the tools available today to manage the customer base – and the treasure trove of knowledge stored there – there are CRM applications.

The objective is therefore to increase loyalty, but how can the potential contained in the customer base be unlocked in order to retain them? 

Get to know your customers, multiply contact opportunities, and activate vital communication channels 

Managing the customer base in the best possible way is a priority for any organization, in any market. There are no definitive rules, and each case must be made with respect to specific business needs. With that in mind, we have tried to condense the best experiences in some suggestions. Here they are.

 1. Get to know your current and potential customers

Deepening the knowledge of your customers allows you to understand their needs and develop services that are truly useful. By being able to intercept or anticipate their requests (even better!), you can design more engaging customer experiences, keeping curiosity alive and nurturing trust.

2. Offer great customer service  

It sounds like a platitude; yet, it’s not. To keep existing customers coming back, it’s critical to invest in customer care services. While it’s true that 78% of people abandon a sale because of poor customer service, responding quickly, professionally, and courteously has a positive impact on your customer base and your bottom line: loyal customers are worth up to 10 times the amount they originally spent (source:

3. Get the most out of your networks 

At the heart of this advice is a recognition of the value of relationships and customer retention, a value that has increased exponentially with the mass deployment of digital technologies. Harvard Business School said it 20 years ago: Loyal customers are highly likely to send referrals, and new customers gained through word of mouth are even more opportunities for brand growth (source: Harvard Business School).

4. Use social media 

Social media has revolutionized the way customers and businesses can share information and engage in conversations. From online customer service to using social media to get information, there are now more and more opportunities for companies to open up new communication channels through which they can connect with their audience. It then becomes imperative to learn the language of each social channel and choose the most current, specific, and relevant content.

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