How to – Customize Quick Actions in Dynamics 365 CE / Model-driven Power Apps

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As part of the enhanced Search Experience, contextual quick actions were introduced in the platform :-

E.g. we have Assign, Share, Email quick actions available for Contact, Account, and other entities for the relevance search results.

There can be a maximum of 5 quick actions per entity/table.

The quick actions are a subset of commands available for an entity/table at the Home grid level.

Below are the new rules (Enable Rule) introduced through which these contextual quick actions/commands can be shown or hidden.

  • ShowOnQuickAction – Command will only appear as a Quick Action within Search and will be hidden from the home grid.
  • ShowOnGridAndQuickAction – Command will appear for both Grid and as a quick action.
  • ShowOnGrid – command will only appear for the grid.

To apply these rules, we can use our favorite Ribbon Workbench tool.

Select Customize Command option for the respective command/button within the Home.

Add a new Enable Rule for the command.

Select IsCore as true.

Apply the Enable Rule for the other commands as shown below.

Here we have used the Contact entity/table.





Email a link




On successful publishing of the above rules, as expected we can see – Assign command hidden and Share, Email a Link and Follow available in the Home grid

And with the quick actions, we can see Assign, Share and Follow available and Email a link command hidden.

Get the details –

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Hope it helps..