What Is an IoT Connectivity Management Platform and Why Do You Need One?

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IoT Connectivity Management Platform- Analysis paralysis. It’s a risk that organizations face as they attempt to navigate their way through the early stages of their IoT journey; it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of decisions that you need to make.  Even before you have deployed a device, you need to make choices on hardware, software, and connectivity technologies, to name a few. Then once deployed, you’ll need to manage your devices. A lot goes into productizing an IoT deployment, and depending on how you have chosen to connect those devices, just sorting the connectivity appears daunting.

One of the most crucial decisions is the choice of a Connectivity Management Platform (CMP). Designed to help reduce the operational workload for organizations deploying and scaling their IoT with a managed cellular connectivity service, the CMP forms the critical link between your devices, the network, and the reliable delivery of your IoT data. It’s vitally important to select the right provider with the platform that satisfies – at the very least – all your essential requirements. The right CMP can provide you with powerful tools which help protect your investment and maximize the value realized from each device at every stage of their life cycle. For organizations looking to deliver successful, high-performance IoT projects, a comprehensive, fit-for-purpose CMP will be a core part of their solution design.

A CMP enables organizations to lower the overheads associated with managing at-scale IoT connectivity and dramatically increase their control.  It will also provide access to invaluable data and insights, helping to optimize existing deployments and increase new project success rates.

Some of the principal benefits of an IoT connectivity management platform are:

  • Scalable connection management
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased control and predictability
  • Increased security
  • Increased visibility
  • Powerful data insights

Choosing a CMP is just one more item on the endless to-do list for IoT decision-makers. As with most things in life, with a bit of guidance, things can be more manageable. We’ve outlined some of the essential features and capabilities you should have in mind when considering platform offerings.

IoT SIM Profile Management

Managing SIM profiles is the most fundamental requirement for any connectivity management platform, and efficiently managing SIMs, from stock to the point of activation and then throughout their life cycle to the eventual device decommissioning. To be regarded as a serious contender, a CMP should support the activation of thousands of SIMs at once, and you should expect to be able to get an at-a-glance view of the status of all your SIM deployments regardless of location, network, or technology.

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