Need a CRM for telesales

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Hi guys. I cannot seem to find a CRM that suits my needs.

I run a call center. Our agents use LeadDesk for calling. We sell accessories for power tools to construction companies.

I have used excel to keep track of everything, but we are too many employees now and I spend too much time with it. The sheet loads slow and it’s a mess. We have 6000 customers.

I have only just discovered what a CRM system is, and while trialing sales force, really simple systems, etc, I can immediately see that it is exactly what I need in terms of efficiency, but the opposite of what I want in terms of functionality.

I don’t have opportunities, sales funnels, bla bla bla.

I just want a simple system that my agents can use to enter information about the customer when they make a deal with one, and create orders to this customer, that I then decide the stages of (accepted, order confirmation sent, goods shipped, etc).

And lastly manage commission. Nothing else. No none sense emailing, campaigning, tasks.

Is there a such CRM?

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