Is a CRM even what we want?

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Total newb regarding CRM things. My husband started his own business (automotive) and is finding that the multiple streams of contact options (email, Facebook, Insta, in person and phone) is getting too confusing. Right now he's the only one with access to it all, but the plan is to hire someone to do that full time. He's asked me to look at some options, but I really don't know what I'm looking for. I've asked what exactly he wants it to do, and the above I think is his top priority. After that, he asked if I could just look up options and features, and summarize them for him. Taking a quick look, it seems a little ridiculous to do that without more guidance or knowledge. So I'm hoping this can get me started on what might be worth looking at, or what questions I need to ask him to narrow the search. Or what terms to know when looking/searching, or if it's something entirely different that we want.

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