Webinar | How to Build an Immediate Response Supply Chain Recovery Plan

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Build an Immediate Response Supply Chain

What’s the secret to becoming a better logistics leader? 

Businesses are being hit hard.

The pandemic exposed critical gaps in supply-chain setups that you thought would survive with on-the-fly, problem-specific bandaids. But supply chains as we knew them have been transformed.

Developing an expansive strategy and recovery plan is now non-negotiable.

Successful supply chain leaders will need to be resilient and launch a comprehensive approach that’s ready for anything.

We’ll show you how to establish dedicated supply-chain risk-management functions and processes:

  • Increase inventory management and optimization
  • Employ long-term risk-mitigation strategies
  • Adopt agile mindsets and workflows

Join us Wednesday, May 19th at 1 pm CST!

Discover how digitization can empower your business and become a critical tool in supply-chain response and recovery.

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