How Our Client Saved $23K/Year Switching From SalesForce CRM to CRMPlus365

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Piggy BankI love showing clients how they can save money.

One of our clients owns a small business that was using SalesForce CRM. Unfortunately, the system was unnecessarily complicated and didn’t fit their preferred business processes.

We introduced them to CRMPlus365, a fully customizable solution that will meet all their small business needs and save them $23,000 a year.

Here’s how we did it

The company paid $500 a month in fees to SalesForce. They also paid for Pardot, a marketing add-on tool that was barely being used. The total price tag was nearly $25K per year for a SalesForce CRM system subscription. And that’s just the annual license fee; implementation was extra.

Compare that to a CRMPlus365 system. CRMPlus365 managed services cost as little as $29 per user per month ($348/yr). Additionally, they would pay about $2,000 per year for customizations and support.

That’s a savings of nearly $23,000 per year! So what would your small business do with an extra $23,000 per year?

It seemed like a no-brainer, but they still had to think it through. What about the one-time setup fee? The average setup fee for CRMPlus365 for small businesses is less than $10K. Our client also wanted data migration, a customized inventory system, and integration with other tools. The total cost of setup was closer to $15K.

Spending $15K upfront would save them many times that over the years. But, unfortunately, we have discovered that once an organization has approved the cost of SalesForce, they have trouble justifying additional expenditure, even if it will save them a lot of money in the long run.

How we found a solution

Rather than continuing to pay $500 a month to SalesForce, our client paid that same amount to P2 Automation each month to finance the implementation. As a result, when $15K was paid off, they had only ongoing licensing fees with low monthly payments. Our client now has a brand new custom CRM system and can go on to save $23K every year from now on.

Think about moving from SalesForce CRM to CRMPlus365

If you are using a SalesForce CRM solution, contact our experts are P2 Automation, and let’s talk about how much money you can save while getting the CRM system that works best for you.

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