{Power 2021} Prevent auto save on specific entities in Dynamics 365 CE

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Business Requirement: Client wanted to disable auto save on certain Sales entities such as Leads and Opportunities so that it is sure that user has completed all the information. On all other entities, client requirement was to keep auto save.

Solution: We have to write a small client-side script and register it on save event of Lead and Opportunity record to achieve this requirement.

Here is the script:

function preventAutoSaveOperation(executionContext)


var eventArguments = executionContext.getEventArgs();

if (eventArguments.getSaveMode() == 70 || eventArguments.getSaveMode() == 2) {




In case you are looking for different types that getSaveMode returns here is the complete list:

Value Save mode Table
1 Save All
2 Save and Close All
5 Deactivate All
6 Reactivate All
7 Send Email
15 Disqualify Lead
16 Qualify Lead
47 Assign User or Team owned tables
58 Save as Completed Activities
59 Save and New All
70 Auto Save All

Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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