Microsoft Dynamics Profile: Taking a unique path to a career in Dynamics 365 HR and Power Platform

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The first thing Ana Inés Urrutia did when she received the news that she was now a Microsoft MVP was pinch herself – twice. The second thing she did was phone Malin Martnes, the MVP who nominated her for the award. Ana recalled:

She needed to be the first person to know. It was a great day. Once the rollercoaster of emotions after the email ended, I realized how grateful I was to get this recognition. It was a really difficult year for me, stuck in Peru alone, with no family or friends around and realizing that the time, effort, and dedication invested in myself, my brand, and my beloved Dynamics 365 Human Resources had paid off was priceless.

Although ecstatic about the award, Urrutia says she had not been actively working toward becoming an MVP. Rather, she achieved the recognition as a consequence of a range of ongoing work in the Microsoft community. She started the journey little-by-little, presenting information about Dynamics 365 HR at various events, connecting with people from all over the world, asking for advice, and accepting that people rise by lifting others.

The award is recognition from the most amazing company in the world to my contributions to the Microsoft community. It means belonging, it means growth, it means achievement, it means challenge. I like to think that it helps me as a person. 

The journey to D365 HR begins

Originally from Uruguay and now living in Peru, Urrutia is a Dynamics 365 Human Resources implementation consultant at FourVision, a Microsoft partner in the Netherlands, supporting customers in the implementation of Dynamics 365 HR and other software.

Urrutia landed in the world of Dynamics 365 HR quite by chance, she explained: