Assign/Remove Security Roles to Users Via Power Automate

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The Techie dood

Scenario/Use case:

If there is need to frequently change the security roles of User in CDS environment say a QA person doing role based testing.


  You can take leverage of Power Automate to perform this repetitive task.

Before you start further make sure to use a Dataverse Connection that has necessary permission to assign or remove security roles to a user. Like a user with a system administrator role.


Step 1:

I am using Three variables here –

  1. FullName – fullname of the system user whose role you want to update
  2. Security Role – it can be a text input also. Here I have used it as dropdown input. The values are the Security Role Names.
  3. Clear Other Roles- Yes/No (if we need to remove all roles before applying the selected Role to the user)

Step 2:In the next step – lets retrieve the roleid using List…

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