Exploring CPQ: An Experlogix Podcast . . . Coming Soon!

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You Asked, We Listened

In today’s ultra-competitive market and the ability to create custom products and services with a flip of a switch, CPQ software has helped shape the current business landscape where anyone, anywhere, can SELL AT THE SPEED OF NOW!

With that in mind, Experlogix is very pleased to announce the launch of its new podcast series; Exploring CPQ: An Experlogix Podcast.

In our inaugural podcast, we tapped into our very own subject matter experts; Bert Vries, Sales Director at Experlogix, and Peter Willemse, General Manager at Experlogix to look at the current state of CPQ, how it got here, and where it is heading.

The outline of this informative discussion will include 10-questions and be answered by both thought leaders in 10-minutes. The 10-questions will be as follows:

  1. For everyone new to CPQ out there – what is CPQ? Why do businesses use it, and who uses it?
  2. What did the first CPQ solutions in the market look like?
  3. You both have been involved in the CPQ space for a combined 20+ years-what has been the biggest difference you’ve seen in “yesterday’s” CPQ compared to “today’s” CPQ?
  4. Gartner estimated in 2018 that CPQ revenue was $1.2 billion, with almost all of the growth related to cloud-based offerings: compare this to 2015, when they estimated only 25% was cloud-based revenue. Why has cloud-based CPQ taken over the market?
  5. Gartner also projected the CPQ market to increase 15% annually through 2020. With your work in this industry, do you believe this projection from 2018 has held true? Or did world events like the pandemic impact CPQ growth?
  6. Is there a “generic” business profile that describes how base companies can benefit from a CPQ solution?
  7. What common challenges are businesses solving today with their CPQ solutions?
  8. Do you see CPQ as a product that changes the market, or does it support and adapt to the changes happening in the market?
  9. What innovative ideas are current businesses you work with bringing to the table that CPQ is helping to make a reality?
  10. What does the next version of CPQ software look like?

Experlogix is the premier provider of Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) technology, specializing in fully integrated quote and order automation solutions Worldwide. We have grown our company to support hundreds of customers and thousands of end-users and reseller partners by excelling at two fundamental principles: provide simple-to-use, yet powerful configurator technology, and back it with knowledgeable, responsive customer support.

The goal of this podcast is to pass our knowledge and expertise onto you.

Don’t miss out and stay tuned for updates!