Looking for a new CRM for nonprofit

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I am working at non-profit company and about 28 users are registered on our current horror CRM. I am thinking to get a seperate Email Marketing tool, probably Mailchimp – as about 10 of 28 users in current CRM are just for email send out.

We are considering Salesforce but open to others as well. In fact, I am little worried that if the org will be able to maintain them after implementation (i am the only tech/admin who will manage new CRM and I would not last if they do not give my damn pay rise) and I heard balling out the system can cost a lot. I do not want Pardot as it just sounds expensive, compared to its service and not well developed yet.

Features that we are looking into are; 1. Well designed data for non profit (e.g. contact and relationship) 2. Gift management (regular giving, grant, cash) 3. Integration with our current CMS (Funraisin), new Email marketing (perhaps Mailchimp), visualisation (power bi), new database (perhaps PostgreSQL) and Fundraising management platforms (Give a little) 4. Sophisticated dashboard – able to provide opportunities and engagement feedback from the first time funnel until the last time they donated/fundraised

Any suggestions? Let me know if you need more info, thanks

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