5 burdens an ERP Consultant can take off your back

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Any ERP Implementation requires a big amount of time and capital investment, and if the ERP Implementation is not well planned, then the whole project might become a nightmare for the organization and will not be able to get benefits of an ERP. To avoid the ERP implementation going off the charts, it is always advisable to have an ERP consultant. These consultants are experts in ERP project implementation and analysis of the overall Project.

These consultants can be hired from outside or be someone from the company itself. Involving the ERP consultant from the start is recommended as they can thoroughly analyze the ERP requirement for the company. Evaluation and finalizing a vendor also becomes easy since the ERP consultant knows what the right kind of questions are that they should be asking the ERP vendor.

Benefits of hiring an ERP consultant before the implementation:

Protecting your own interests – not that of your ERP Vendor: while selecting an ERP consultant for one’s organization to implement an ERP, one should keep in mind their own interest rather than that of the ERP Vendor. The vendor is responsible only for the product and not for the consultancy services. It’s not necessary that a good sales person is also a good consultant. These two should be two different persons. Relying totally on the vendor even for the consultancy may do more harm than good.


Addressing the people and process side of your ERP Implementation: for any success of any ERP project, it is the users and process that leads to the success and failure of any implementation. Hence, it’s very important for any ERP consultant to understand the difference between the technical limitation and process management. These two things should not be linked together by the consultant and users should be well trained on the process and any organizational change management as they are on the software.


Filling the void of a lack of ERP Expertise: time taken to change the ERP software in most of the organization is about 10-20 years that is why the most internal teams don’t have experience to be successful or effective on the new system. Hence it is very important for any ERP consultant to fill this gap by proper training and hand-holding and drive the team to a successful implementation.

Charting path to a successful ERP implementation: it is said that a good and well planned activity leads to the success of the same. The ERP consultant should be in a position to provide the company a road map based on realistic scenarios and SMART goals and not on any hypothetical implementations. This road map illustrates and can provide one the path to either the success or failure of the ERP implementation. This will also help to provide a breather to the ERP Vendor by not setting unrealistic deadlines and helping the implementation to shape up properly.

Determining how to realize a strong ROI on your ERP software investment: Last but not the least, the ERP consultant should also be responsible for the cost of the project should not be going too high. If possible, the consultant should aim to complete the implementation within cost and time allocated to the project. Many organizations think hiring a separate ERP consultant will add to the cost of the project, but this consultant can reduce other recurring costs that may occur in future if a wrong consultant is selected.

Most organization understands that the key to any ERP implementation success is to leverage a knowledgeable third party or an independent ERP consultant. Any ERP implementation requires much more apart from just hiring an ERP consultant, but this is also important part of the process.

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