Today every retail or hospitality company has a POS system which helps the hotels, restaurants and retail to calculate their daily to monthly revenue and income. Though a POS system can help the company know what it is earning, it still fails to give the company a larger picture in terms of forecasting, inventory, supply and channel management.  Many old POS applications still do not have a detailed accounting & inventory feature, making it difficult to identify the stock inventory & balances of the accounts. The results is that, there are still large number of companies which are running a number of manual processes to maintain their inventories & ledgers. These companies should consider what is the ERP and POS Integration.

Sage 300cloud, ERP for SMEs, has been handling ERP and POS Integration for long and below are the two types of integrations which we usually recommend:

  • Real time integration: In this type of ERP and POS Integration we can have the database access to POS system so that, we can directly read the data from the POS system database & create the appropriate entries in Sage 300cloud. Many times, these types of integrations are denied by the retailers because they don’t have rights to access the main database directly. But if you have the rights, you can go ahead with this kind of integration.
  • Scheduler Base Integration: In this type ERP and POS integration, we need the data sorted in file formats like excel or text. Almost all the POS systems are allow to export their data into a particular file format. With the help of that data we can integrate the data from one system to another. We can set the schedulers for this kind of integration. E.g schedule the system to read the exported entries every day at night system and generate the entries.

Important benefits of implementing ERP and POS Integration:


  • Data Integrity: No matter how the data is and in which format, even if we will have the calculated required data, we can easily integrate the 2 systems. In this type of integration we are always trying the keep all the required information in both the systems, so even if the user uses one platform to operate the data from one system, he can see the effects on the other one too.
  • Reduce Risk:

In this type of integrations, mostly the retailers have big question mark for security of data. Sage 300 will provide you the secure data in both the systems & also reduce the mismatch of data in both the systems.

  • Easily Customize the process as per the company standards:

Each & every organization have a different process for accounts & inventory which can be easily added and synced with the help of Sage 300 and made simpler for the retailers.

  • Forecasting:

With the help of ERP and POS Integration, you can get an overall visibility of all your stocks, sales and revenue. It will help you in forecasting of your inventory and how much can you stock up. This will help in reduction of waste and increase in productivity.

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