CRM for 20 person team Sales & service.

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Hi, I work in a somewhat niche industry. My business is a franchised model, there are numerous dealerships experiencing the inefficiency problems we have. If anyone is familiar with car dealerships, I feel the life cycle of a customer is VERY similar to car sales. Initial large purchase, regular maintenance or recurring buys. Trade in after 10+ years. I would NEED the crm to do:

  • sales & follow up workflow

  • delivery workflow, separate from sales

  • service dispatching, scheduling

  • customized quoting, estimating, invoicing for large products (think exactly like a car dealership)

  • integrated into quick books. We use quickbooks for the normal maintenance and recurring products.

  • foldered notes for clients. There are numerous details / files critical for initial delivery / installation. They become almost irrelevant once they become and existing client. Their service history then becomes most important.

Nice to have:

  • kpi metrics / tracking

  • automated Emailers at certain parameters.

  • ring central or twilio integration

  • digital signing, would like to go paperless in an easy fashion.

Any suggestions would be great. Currently we're considering infor and Salesforce. Our corporate site uses a locked zoho but we find it very limiting.

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