Top 5 Features of the 2021 Release for Dynamics 365 Sales

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an integrated platform that provides sales reps and leaders alike with all the tools they need to increase their sales performance. Increased visibility on the pipeline and customer data lets the sales team build long-lasting relationships and increase their revenue numbers. With the first 2021 release for Dynamics 365 Sales available this month, we at JOVACO are excited to see these new features in action! Here are our top 5 features:

1. Better visibility on customer engagements

Sales reps conduct most of their business from their mobile device. As such, they’re not always in a position to take everything down. This feature ensures you have every important detail on hand with automatic transcriptions for calls and online meetings, automatic assignment of calls to the relevant Dynamics 365 entity, Conversation insights and action item extractions.

2. Personalized work queue

This feature lets sales reps customize their workspace based on their tasks. Flexible views let them initiate a variety of tasks without having to switch between different applications, facilitating their daily activities. For example, they can initiate calls and send emails directly from the customer’s record, while updates on all types of tasks let the representative follow up easily when needed.

3. Seller KPIs and manager dashboards

Our Director of Sales and Marketing can’t wait to try this one out! Dashboards and KPIs keep sales goals organized and updated in real time, encouraging productivity. Managers can easily review their team’s performance and coach reps to speed up the sales process. A lack of visibility on these indicators makes it hard to know the status of sales and how quickly goals will be reached, but thanks to this feature, you will have this data on hand at all times.

4. Pipeline manager workspace

This new personalized workspace is optimized for pipeline management. Customization options make the workspace intuitive and easily accessible. As a result, sales reps can view, filter, and manage their opportunities without having to navigate away from the work surface. They can view the data they need, use filters to sort through information quickly, and take action without toggling between applications.

5. Tracking of most relevant sales goal metrics

Increased visibility into metrics is key to understanding progress in relation to sales goals. Users can select out-of-the-box calculated metrics called “stats” from a predefined set to better understand their pipeline. These stats can even be configured and mapped to relevant opportunity fields for better visibility and efficiency.

Want to learn more about the new features available with this first 2021 release for Dynamics 365 Sales? Visit the Microsoft website for the Overview of Dynamics 365 Sales 2021 release wave 1.

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales specialist in Quebec

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