CRM for Film Festival tracking

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I have been browsing through CRM options and couldn't find one that suits our needs, so I'm trying my luck here to get some advice. The issue: We require a CRM that will not only track "costumers" (Film Festivals), but also the "product", in our case, films we represent. What I mean by that, is that ideally we want to have a database of Film Festivals with a page for each festival to write down info about it as well as the history of contact, and in the history we want to be able to add the film name we offered to the festival. At the same time, we want to have a database of the films, with a page for each film and the history of the festivals it has been submitted to. Currently, I am dealing with this through Excel, which means I have to put the info twice for festival and for film, and also cannot have direct links from festival to film and vice versa because Excel binds links to cells and not text and one change will collapse the whole link system.

We cannot yet afford to build our own CRM and so I'm looking for the middle way of finding customisable CRM that we can adjust accordingly.

I will appreciate any advice.

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