Question for CRM sales managers/sales reps. How do you allocate reps and territories?

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Working on an assignment and need some additional contest. For anyone who is into sales of CRM solutions. What are the most important drivers of companies you target. For example –

1) Does the size (number of employees) affect the amount of potential revenue. Would you expect more revenue from a 6 – 10 employee organization vs 1 – 5 employees?

2) If you had to pick a choice between targeting 13 companies with 1000 – 5000 employees, vs 35 companies with 500 – 1000 employees, which would your priority to target.

3) If you had to pick how you allocate sales reps within a territory, would you divide sales reps by company size or by industry?

I know there is a lot more than can be covered that you would consider, I just need a general idea of how you prioritize sales in your territories. Also any useful resources you can point me to on this topic will be much appreciated.

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