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Hello everyone! As the title says, I'm on the lookout for an ideal CRM solution for our company. We're a rather small company distributing laser and engraving machines, plus we have an internet store where we sell materials to engrave on. We operate in Slovakia and Czechia so a certain level of flexibility is welcome.

Our expectation of an ideal CRM solution is the one that can do the following:

-create web forms for our webpage (on wordpress) and internet store (on prestashop), with the ability to save the contact information about the lead and save it in a corresponding folder

-we also offer a free manual on how to start a business in laser engraving for our new potential customers and therefore we would like a CRM system that would automatically send an email with a pdf download

-on top of that after sending the manual we don't hear from everyone back, so a system that could send another follow-up email after a week of inactivity would be great since we have lost quite a few leads because doing it manually is just so impractical

-we would welcome it if the system could send newsletters and automatically added to the contacts new users on our Prestashop (we currently have SendInBlue for that, it works fine but having less systems to worry about would be better)

-we need a system that could create price offers or quotations on our machines. We have a regular price list, but since we're selling machines that aren't exactly cheap, discounts and bundles with other accessories are very common. and we also sell refurbished machines sometimes. On top of that, as I mentioned we operate in Slovakia and Czechia so being able to do those in both currencies (EUR and CZK) is essential

-and last but not least, we look for the system that would handle making landing pages as well.

We would prefer having one system for all these tasks since we use 4 different systems for most of these tasks and many of them are old and the integration is not the best. In the end, we end up wasting more time because a lot of synchronizations have to be done manually. Currently, we pay around €50/month for all those subscriptions, so we're also looking for something in a similar price point. Also, ease of use would be a great plus!

I'm opened to all of your suggestions and to hearing your personal experience with different systems. 🙂

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