Five ways to ensure the cloud doesn’t cast a shadow over your cybersecurity

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Cloud cybersecurity- • The digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic means more demand for cloud services.

• The increased complexity of cloud computing has opened up more security gaps.

• Traditional cybersecurity has to be supplemented by cloud-native solutions.

We are now a year into the coronavirus pandemic, which has transformed the way we conduct business. For many, it has been a year since stepping into the office or on to a plane – and yet business has continued and digital transformation has accelerated.

Digital transformation has been happening for years, but the pandemic forced the hand of many organizations, as they changed the way they operate and how they provide value to their customers. In turn, this change has meant an increased demand for cloud computing, which provides most of the foundations, tools and infrastructure to fuel the transformation. This model allows companies to focus on their own business excellence, while leaving the overhead of their non-core business elements, like infrastructure, platforms and software, to cloud vendors.

This shift has provided organizations with the following benefits.

● The nature of cloud services allows companies to pay only for the resources they use whether IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. This service-based payment provides organizations with the ability to shift from capital expense (CAPEX) business model to operating expense (OPEX), which often results in significant cost savings

● Scalability, where computing, network and storage capacities can be increased and decreased almost infinitely and almost immediately in response to fluctuations in demand

● Agility, where developers can make continuous improvements to applications and these improved applications can be deployed to customers multiple times per day

● High availability, disaster recovery and redundancy is improved by cloud vendors who provide service guarantee for computing resources availability and multiple geographical availability zones.

However, even with all of these benefits, rapid transformation has opened many security gaps for organizations. In fact, some world leaders in the cybersecurity space, including the World Economic Forum, predict that this rapid and unplanned move will result in a cyber-pandemic down the road. A recent cloud security report showed that 66% of survey respondents believe that traditional security solutions either do not work or have limited functionality in the cloud – and they are not far off.

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