Advantage of CRMPlus365 Over SalesForce

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Row BoatYou can get the technology you need with P2 Automation’s CRMPlus365, and you can save a lot of money by choosing it over SalesForce.

We worked with a client who could save $23,000 a year in SalesForce licensing fees by moving to CRMPlus365.

After reviewing all the features of CRMPlus365, everyone was on board with the move. Well, not quite everyone. There was one holdout.

The reluctance came from a member of our client’s internal IT team. He referred to CRMPlus365 as “CRM Lite”. He seemed to indicate that was a drawback. But for small businesses, “CRM Lite” may be exactly what they need. We left out the unnecessary bells and whistles and built a simple, affordable CRM on the Microsoft Power Platform that works the way you need it to work.

It’s not surprising that the only objection came from the IT people. They know the technical stuff inside out, and a good IT person will keep the bits and bytes flowing. And there will always be some people who will prefer the most expensive choice when another could be less costly and fully serve the purpose. Think about a Honda vs. a Ferrari. Some will always choose the Ferrari. Others just want to get on with the work and not have to worry about expensive service.

In this instance, the CEO looked at the bigger picture. They were paying a lot of money for a system that didn’t work exactly how they needed it to work. They didn’t want all the extras of the SalesForce solution, and they didn’t see the value in employing an IT team to maintain it.

We showed them how they could have a completely customized CRM solution and save thousands of dollars each year.

CRMPlus365 was precisely what they needed.

CRMPlus365 is a highly customizable, affordable alternative to “Big Box” CRM systems that is built on the same solid Microsoft technology as Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can think of it as a cloud-based “mini” Dynamics 365 at a fraction of the price. It has the same look and feel and seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, but without the level of complexity that most small businesses do not need.

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