To CRM or not CRM

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I am the Co-Founder of a small company located in Germany. As the development of our MVP gets more and more stable and we are transiting from processing 10 orders here and 10 orders there to larger production batch sizes, it became obvious to me that handling everything in google sheets is uncomfortable to say at least.

Our setup consists of a WordPress page and we are using a woocommerce shop. We generate the production data with our own software, production takes place in a different location not owned by us. Products are shipped to customers and tracking details exchanged with customers via woocommerce.

What I am trying to decide on right now is if it makes sense to invest time (and money?) into getting a CRM up and running or not.

The alternative consist of using appsmith to build a front-end on the back of a postgres instance that functions as the data storage and exchange platform for both customer data and production data which we already use.

I am looking forward to your input, especially if there is a good open source CRM available that you can recommend. Sugar CRM is not free anymore, correct?

Thanks in advance

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