Microsoft highlights Dynamics 365 Commerce B2B updates as B2C e-commerce shops go live

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Microsoft has a lengthy list of Dynamics 365 Commerce updates scheduled to reach general availability in the current release wave. Some of those updates are highly specific, filling smaller needs like email receipt improvements and a new payment connector. The big update in this wave is the introduction of B2B e-commerce, which joins the existing B2C e-commerce toolkit and adds tools to manage partners, complex orders, account relationships, and more.

“With this release, we are bringing a range of B2B e-commerce capabilities to market including partner onboarding, order templates, quick order entry, account statement and invoicing management, and more,” wrote Balaji Balasubramanian, general manager for Dynamics 365 Commerce, in a new blog post.

B2B e-commerce teams expect the benefits of B2C tools, he stated, but with new capabilities added. Improvements in SEO for product landing and display pages should help, as will the product’s introduction of more AI tools offering recommendations based on factors like similar looks and similar description.