How to get experience using a CRM?

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I'm on the job hunt and have never used a CRM in my previous jobs (teaching + retail). For so many things I'm looking at that I have the "soft skills" for, the job postings require experience with CRM (especially Salesforce but also CRM in general). I'm trying to up my skillset so I can get my foot in the door anywhere.

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, I've been googling and am unsure about it – how do I gain CRM skills? When I looked online I found free trials for the program, etc.

I don't mind paying for a course, but the certifications for Salesforce, for example, seem like they're geared toward people who already understand the software. Please help a complete newbie (I mean I'm tech savvy~ like most people are and can learn quickly, but I don't have a coding background at all) out by sharing any resources/guidance you may have.


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