Optimize Your Marketing Journey with the Microsoft Marketing Module

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Advancing technology and unique social circumstances are changing the way organizations find and interact with customers.  Innovation is required if today’s companies are going to adapt and keep up with the competition. Few businesses can afford to be ‘local,’ relying on people in the neighborhood to find them. Organizations wanting to expand and thrive must find new ways to create leads and opportunities and successfully engage their customers. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM user, you have the solution to these marketing challenges at your fingertips. If you are not a Dynamics CRM user, consider how it could help you change things for the better.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM comes with the Microsoft Marketing Module, which contains just what you need to target your ideal audience, generate productive leads, and initiate a workflow that leads to qualified opportunities.

The Microsoft Marketing Module enables you to market across multiple channels. You can create campaigns powered by Email, social media, chats, and remote events.  Capture feedback and results for analysis and future refinement.

Here are some of the Microsoft Marketing Module tools and features we like best:

  • Generate Marketing lists and targeted Segments based on the Accounts, Contacts, and Leads already in the system –  eliminates syncing or duplication errors.
  • Robust Email Template Designer – has features including HTML and video embedding.
  • Built-in email engine separate from your Office 365 account – will prevent system slowdowns and blacklisting.
  • Marketing landing pages – lets you determine your customers’ interests so you’ll know how to capture their attention.
  • Lead Scoring – helps you quantify your leads’ interest level, so you know who to qualify.
  • Event Marketing integration with Microsoft Teams – provides a complete platform for remote meetings and webinars, including feedback-supplying Customer Voice Surveys.
  • Built-in AI and Analytics – allows you to capture and analyze data across all your channels. See interactive graphs and timelines and know when emails are opened. The system will even suggest the best times to engage based on the user’s Analytics.

Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM with the Marketing Module helps you in all stages of your marketing journey. Create engaging emails, pinpoint your audience, build an automated campaign, follow through with leads, prospects, opportunities, and profitable long-term relationships.

Would you like to know more about Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and how it can take your marketing to the next level? Contact our experts at Logan Consulting.

By Logan Consulting, www.loganconsulting.com