Two Ways an ERP System Can Improve Electrical Distribution

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Electronic Components Factory Transform Your Electrical Components Business with ERP  

Throughout the years, electrical distributors maintained a strong B2B presence, supplying many with the components needed to run their business. Yet as they face new challenges, simplifying how they run is imperative. Finding the right tools or technology can make a difference in achieving your profit share.  

Among such options are enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, which improves all aspects of a distribution business. 

1. Better Product Information Retrieval 

When it comes to providing information, having correct and up-to-date information is crucial. Whether you’re at the store counter or in the field, it’s essential to be extremely knowledgeable about your product and industry. But if you’re organizing information the old-fashioned way, you’ll likely fall behind the competition. 

ERP systems offer different ways to organize your inventory based on more specific dimensions than ever before. This categorization allows you to more easily organize and interpret information. For example, if your customer is looking for a locking plug to fit a unique outlet, your old system might retrieve multiple items before zeroing in on the exact one they need, but with ERP categorization, the exact plug is defined and specified, so they can be retrieved much faster, giving staff members the advantage to keep customers content and providing them with what’s needed. Whether in the field, on the phone, or in the store, a faster retrieval can make all the difference. 

2. Stronger Inventory Control 

When carrying as many products as you do, keeping track can be challengingSo often, it’s easy for your standard operating systems to become overwhelmed by the number of products you carry. 

Many distributors often have manual entry systems, where everything must be entered and reentered frequently. Similarly, this can pose a challenge when it comes to achieving an accurate count of every available item. If done incorrectly, you’ll have a product that’s out of stock listed as available for purchase.  

An ERP system will allow you to automate various tasksincluding data entryto improve efficiency and save time. Instead of having your employees manually enter all the data, the system will update based on the information it received from different sources. 

Further, by setting automated reminders for specific products, you can restock them before they’re depleted. This will trigger an email when it reaches a preset threshold, allowing you to take the necessary steps. You can then replenish these items and avoid potential customer issues. 

Wrap Up  

An ERP system can take some of the stress out of being an electrical distributor. With its strong organizational abilities, it can make you more competitive, efficient, and able to tackle what lies ahead. 

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