Daylite Offers a Customized CRM for Small Businesses That Use Mac

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Manage everything your professional services SMB needs from a single hub.

CRM for Small Businesses- Running a single business is hard enough. If you work in the professional services industry, you may often feel like you’re running several all at once through one hive mind. Dealing with the unknown and managing a huge array of projects are some of the biggest challenges to running any business.

Today, technology is making it easier for professional service businesses to manage their customer relationships. Customer relationship managers (CRMs) allow teams to handle leads, clients, and projects in a single place, making it significantly easier for people to collaborate and work towards common goals. But what happens if the CRM you use doesn’t quite fit your business? What if it starts creating more problems than it solves? Just because you have a CRM doesn’t mean it won’t come with its own unique set of challenges.

That’s why customization is crucial when it comes to finding a CRM and why Marketcircle’s Daylite stands out from the pack.

What is Daylite?

Daylite is a CRM that’s specially designed for small- and medium-size businesses that use Mac devices. Unlike some CRMs that cast an extremely wide net, trying to create a product that works for every business on earth, Daylite services a specific niche to ensure it can provide the best product possible.

Daylite is designed for teams of one to 100 Mac users, in professional service industries like real estate, consulting, advertising, law, wealth management, recruiting, and manufacturing. These types of businesses have an especially difficult task, managing projects and goals for external clients. That makes customization and seamless CRM management more crucial than it is for other businesses. Daylite uses a simple, fully customizable interface to eliminate the need for reams of spreadsheets and several different project management, calendar, word processing, and note-taking apps. It leverages the existing power of your Mac-based business to give you an affordable CRM and project management solution.

What can Daylite CRM do for your business?

Staying on top of follow-ups, project statuses, and streamlining both internal and external communication is extremely difficult as your business scales. Most CRMs don’t even manage projects and tasks. Daylite integrates with your existing Mac software and hardware to help you track leads, clients, and projects in a single place, all while leveraging Apple Contacts, Calendar, and more apps.

With Daylite, you can organize every client, deal, and project in a single place, building stronger client relationships and saving time — especially when you’re working remotely. Rather than siloing information in several different apps, Daylite’s CRM and project management tools give you instant visibility into what’s been discussed with clients, what work has been done on projects, what still needs to be done, and the status of deals that each sales rep is working on.

Daylite includes contact management, interaction tracking, list segmentation, email templates, task management, lead management, custom sales pipelines, reporting, Apple Mail integration, Apple Calendar and Contacts sharing, project management, custom checklists and follow-up schedules, and even supports offline access.

Why should I choose Daylite?

Besides how much it can do for your business, Daylite has earned outstanding reviews from thousands of small businesses that use it. Jamie Lingwood of says, “Managing multiple projects and clients used to revolve around my inbox and spreadsheets with my brain being the glue trying to keep it all together and it was stressing me out. I struggled this way for years until I switched to Daylite. Now I have stress-free productivity.”

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