How to Capture Leads Like One of the Pros

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Lead capturing is as much a creative process as it is technical and mundane. 

You need to be able to write a copy that both raises eyebrows and makes one feel inspired simply by reading it. Pick a visual that entices the viewer and reveals the value of the offer. Choose a channel that’s the best fit for your ideal user persona. Come up with a CTA that’s irresistible, relevant, and urgent at the same time. Take another dozen vital actions to complete your mission.

Marketers who use Nimble know the best ways to capture leads that they use to grow our CRM user database to hundreds of thousands of professionals.

how to get marketing leads

how to get marketing leads

What is Lead Capture?

Lead capture is a part of the marketing process that entails getting the personal data of a user and turning such a person into a prospect. This stage of the lead generation process is at the very top of the conversion funnel. It follows the initial phase of attracting traffic and is followed by the step of nurturing prospects.

The term is also interchangeably used with “lead generation.”

The lead generation process will usually have the following steps in this succession:

  • Attract traffic
  • Capture leads
  • Nurture prospects
  • Convert sales
  • Create repeat customers
  • Upsell
  • Get referrals

Where Do You Find Marketing Leads?

Industry catalogs & review sites:

Where do you find leads? In the software development market, there’s one channel with the hottest leads: software apps review sites such as Capterra & G2.

Pretty much every industry has those bottom-of-the-funnel channels that work as both a catalog of existing services in the chosen niche, review engines, and comparison tools. 

Company Website

Landing Page

The landing page is an amazing way to boost SEO and reduce the cost of SEM. It’s also a high-converting means of moving traffic down the funnel. Provided you don’t confuse it with your home page and stuff it with distracting information and tediously detailed copy; a neat, to-the-point landing page is a sure-fire way to convert those users into prospects.

Some of the best lead capture pages are done in this very technique.


Users may have already warmed up to your company and recognized a certain level of expertise in your content. This is why blogs are a promising hunting ground for leads. You can discreetly plug your product or service while also offering value-adding content to your community. 

how to use your company blog to attract leads

how to use your company blog to attract leads

A great believer in giving before receiving, Neil Patel offers great content for free before asking for your personal data.

Pop-ups & Banners

Pop-ups may be a bit tricky, as society has overdosed on them due to their initial popularity, but they still work. If they are exit pop-ups or welcome, they work when polished to perfection.

Lead magnet

Lead magnets come in all different shapes and forms: cheat sheets, questionnaires, templates, interviews, webinars, and podcasts. Creating great content is the secret to a good lead magnet.

Now that we have answered the frequently asked question of “what is a lead capture page,” let’s check out the next popular means of getting the user’s personal contact info: contact forms.

Contact Form

Believe it or not, a boring contact form is a goodie, even though it’s also an oldie. Don’t be shy to scatter it around the website in places other than your homepage, like blog articles and other category pages. A user should never be in a position to hunt for it.

Guest post

Writing a wicked guest post is an art in itself. Making users of a hosting channel follow your link is even more so challenging.

Creating a killer offer is always a good path to follow, and people appreciate a high-quality freebie.

Video content

This bandwagon is not too late to join, no.

If you think that there’s too much content on YouTube in 2020 and competition is impossible to beat, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Out of all channels, videos are the ones that will stay forever as humanity grows out of habit for reading and gets addicted to edutainment.

Public speaking at events


With the fourth wave of a pandemic on the way, we are still hopeful that the good old times will be back and live events are going to be a thing again.

Facebook & Other Social Media

There are so many lead capture examples scattered on social media alone that it would take a few books to fill. Giveaways, contents, draws, influencer marketing, ads, viral challenges are all super effective as channels to capture leads.

Google Search

Google Ads Lead from the extension is a novice, that’s increasing its share by the day. Not that traditional Google Ads was a lame-duck among the channels though. It’s that last but not least case.

Empirical Tips From Nimble Marketing Team On Ways To Capture Leads

Don’t DIY them. DFY Them.

There’s no added value in another excel sheet that users will have to fill out themselves. There’s plenty of those available free in one click.

Offer a solution, not a problem.

Instead of an empty “Content Plan Calendar” Excel template as your lead magnet, offer a “My Real-life Content Plan Calendar, that ensured 300% engagement and 180% followers in just three months”, that users can learn from.

Sharpen Your Hook 

Whether you decide to go for a lead magnet, pop-up, landing page, or Google Ads, your copy is one of the most vital factors in its ability to convert.

The title of your piece of content is one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle due to its prominence in the visual hierarchy; it’s the boldest and biggest of the fonts on the page, positioned at the very top. If you manage to fulfill all of the below criteria, success is near: 

The title has to be attention-grabbing, intriguing, and containing a promise of value to the user.

how to get more leads

how to get more leads

Scaling business means more money, right? Jazva knows how to do a copy. Mind, there are four lead capture tools on this screen.

Reveal the Story: Subtitle

The subtitle is where you raise the curtain of mystery a bit and reveal what the catch is about. A clear and concise value proposition is the best way forward with this piece of contextual property. 

Use Strong Visuals

The fast-dwindling attention span of humans makes marketers further drag our brains down the slippery slope of bright fast-changing visuals.

Like it or not, those are the rules of the game. Make sure your graphic designer knows their trade well enough to produce a show-stopping image.

Create Concise CTAs

CTAs have to be short – which is both a blessing and a challenge.

The best practice is to integrate a sense of urgency; stimulating the FOMO as well as being highly relevant to an ideal user persona market profile.

how to generate more marketing leads

how to generate more marketing leads

Powerful use of social proof by FreshBooks accounting software

Avoid Clickbait

Sensationalism works for low-authority websites promising momentaneous weight loss and quick cure to incurable diseases.

Stay away from anything clickbait-like or sensational that you cannot live up to. Not only you will deter higher-IQ users right away, but you will also bring damage to your reputation in the long run when the not-so-savvy users start feeling lied to.


Most of the pieces of content that are designed to capture leads take lots of effort to create & design only to be left dangling there in cyberspace unattended.

Distributing your content is as vital as creating it.

Guest posts, blog articles, or any lead magnet material should be part of your social media content plan and advertising budget.

With a good enough offer to accompany the lead capture form, the viral nature of such distribution efforts may be proven by reality. 

Lead Capture Software: Must-Have Tools In Your Digital Marketing Arsenal

The mission of getting unsuspecting internet users to experience your product is all but trivial.

In fact, in 2020, people capable of high-level lead generation are a rare and well-remunerated find in the talent pool.

But it wouldn’t be 2020 if there wasn’t a huge market of software solutions designed to assist those digital marketers sweating to create another perfect conversion funnel.

Check out these lead management software tools for mission success:

  1. Nimble CRM
  2. OptinMonster
  3. GetResponse
  4. Sumo
  5. Second Street
  6. Vendisys
  7. ConvertKit

Nimble CRM: Unstoppable Lead Generation Machine

Over 140 thousand users from a wide spectrum of industries can’t be wrong. Nimble has garnered 1500+ genuine positive reviews on Capterra and is featured in these lists:

  • Top 20 Sales Force Automation Software (2020) = #9
  • Top 20 Real Estate CRM Software (2020) = #3
  • Top 20 Lead Management Software (2020) = #11
  • Top 20 Customer Relationship Management Software (2020) = #5
  • Top 20 Contact Management Software (2020) = #5

That’s a lot of recognition from real customers if we do say so ourselves.

Why do people love Nimble?

  1. Intuitive interface that takes an hour to master
  2. Plenty of webinars with best practices and use cases
  3. Transparent fixed pricing and affordable rates of $19/25 per user per month depending on the annual/monthly billing method
  4. Customizability allows you to create custom fields in any modules, adopting the system to your needs
  5. Nimble browser extension that enriches client profiles in a click from anywhere on the web, avoiding hours of boring research and manual work
  6. Integration with hundreds of apps via Zapier 
  7. Powerful reporting that leaves no question unanswered

 Try Nimble free for 2 weeks now!