We messed up with our CRM setup

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Hello Redditors!

I'll try and keep this short.
CRM – Pipedrive

Different instances where we create deals on Pipedrive.

  1. Product signups – Create a deal and assign owner A
  2. Contact sales/Demo request – Create a deal and assign owner B

Seems simple right?


What ends up happening is 1) problem of duplicates 2) Inaccurate data 2) Multiple sales reps trying to talk to same person.

Because in a SaaS scenario leads interact in different ways

User 1 signups up on day 1 > books a demo on day 5 > drops another query maybe on day 30 > Goes cold > Books another demo on Day 90
(The order does not necessarily be the same. Some users query or demo first and then signup up for trial)

As you see, we are creating deals in different scenarios with different deal owners and it's a huge mess.

How do you deal with this at your SaaS business? How do you treat a demo lead and attach to an existing deal already? Any way to do it?

Thanks in advance!

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