Manage Subscriptions, Billing & Tax Calculations in Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps in a smart way – Releasing soon our new 3 in 1 billing app!

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Subscription Management Dynamics 365

Be it entertainment, news, online shopping, employment, mobile, internet, or food delivery services – today, we have subscriptions for everything. And millions of people use these services in their day-to-day lives. So, you can imagine the scale of operation required to manage these subscriptions. The situation is the same for our other B2B customers who provide software solutions for various industries across the globe. And as the volume of business increases, it becomes more and more strenuous to manage these subscriptions without automation.

With this thought in mind, we are happy to introduce you to our new app Subscription Management for managing subscriptions and billing processes in Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps.

So, what is Subscription Management all about?

Subscription Management is a productivity app designed specifically for Software Publishers and Value-Added Resellers (VARs)for managing subscriptions in Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps with ease. Here is a first look of how our Subscription Management UI looks like.

Manage subscriptions Billing tax Calculations in dynamics 365 crm

The main highlight of our product is that you will get to enjoy the benefits of three different apps in one app.

Intrigued? Want to know more?

So, let’s find out what are those benefits of using Subscription Management.

With Subscription Management, you can –

  • Manage and streamline Invoices or Sales Orders for n number of subscriptions in CRM on regular intervals – daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. It also helps you to handle margins with finesse which comes in handy at times, when the billing is processed through partners and not directly through the end-users.
  • Automate your recurring billing processes with specific billing schedules, reminder schedules, and delayed charge schedules. With this, you can generate Invoices, send reminders for overdue invoices and calculate penalties for unpaid invoices.
  • Automate tax calculation in Dynamics 365 CRM for Opportunity, Quote, Order, and Invoices. This eliminates the risk of inaccuracy and increases efficiency for your entire team! It also gives you the option to either manually maintain the tax rates or integrate with AvaTax from Avalara.

And this is just a brief glimpse of what Subscription Management can do for you.

There is more to come!

Keep visiting us or mail us at to know more about this upcoming 3 in 1 billing app for Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps.

In the meanwhile, check out our visualization app – Map My Relationships – that gives you a Mind Map view of Dynamics 365 CRM data on a form.

Until then – Happy Subscribing!