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Hi everyone,

For my work, I have recently been tasked with the project involving the road map of crm implementation. This will involve determining whether we want to do this in-house/not and get a consultant/not, etc etc. The company I work is a small food ingredient company that does b2b sales to retail and food service. For comparison, currently sales data is haphazardly kept on excel and email – limited data reports which the CEO wants to change. I plan on reaching out to Pipedrive and even Salesforce to test out their system, and have been diligently educating myself on YouTube on how to work on the implantation. Ultimately the CEO has told me he wants me to be responsible for everything ongoing related to the CRM in the future. Personally, I would love to work with anything system admin related because I do eventually plan on working in such a field and take night classes on IT. Even though I am eager to learn and am a self proclaimed googler expert, I am anxious because I do not have the tech background to do the implementation. My background is in food science, but I have a lot of experience with SQL and Excel.

Aside from planning this out with help from YouTube and Google, does the community have any advice for me? Thanks!🤩

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