What is your IP?

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What is the IP address used by your onlineDynamics 365 or Microsoft Dataverse environment? If you are connecting from a plugin, a Custom API, a custom workflow activity or a Power Automate Flow to an external API, what is the public IP seen by that external system?

Before answering those questions, why are we actually doing this? IP addresses are still the primary network identifier. In a security context, especially in enterprise projects, very often it is required to restrict what IP addresses are allowed to connect to certain services. This provides an additional security layer to the authentication and authorisation.

One day our national ID and passport numbers will be replaced by IP addresses… just kidding🙃, not yet. I think I’ve been watching Black Mirror and Humans too much lately (great TV series, by the way).

“Max, your IP has been compromised”

Going back to…

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