How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

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The most popular instant messaging network is WhatsApp. With it, you can send and receive messages, make videos and voice calls anywhere, share documents, and generally connect with family and friends. 

While cyber-criminals commit most data breaches, you might have a valid reason why you want to check someone’s WhatsApp messages without actually having access to their phone. Usually, your best bet is for you to either try sneaking into their phone when they use it or even pay a trained hacker to spy on their phone to find out what someone is doing online. 

Both choices are expensive as you may be caught trying to spy on them and embarrassed, or the hacker may inadvertently damage the target’s device. Hacking the WhatsApp messages of another person without getting their cell phone has been made possible largely due to technological advances.

Is It Possible to Read Someone WhatsApp Without Them Knowing?

If you wonder how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing, this article is all the guidance you need. We’ve done in-depth research on all methods described on Google, and we’ve put together the list of the only working methods.

Method 1: Get into Someone’s WhatsApp with mSpy

The best way how to see someone’s WhatsApp messages remotely is through Spy Apps. Spy software may have been created to allow parents to watch over their children, but that’s not where it ends. Lovers, relatives, or even suspicious employers can use these applications. The best app to consider is mSpy.

mSpy is a phone tracker app that allows you to monitor anyone’s WhatsApp remotely without any hassle. It allows all the messages to be accessed without any hassle. This tool lets you search the device’s GPS location. It is a very easy app to use, with a simple interface to navigate, all that is needed is you download the app on the target’s phone, and you’ll get to access all they are doing from your dashboard.

Functions of mSpy includes:

  • It runs in stealth mode.
  • Your data is encoded and secured by this program.
  • Provide specific phone activity alerts every 5 minutes.
  • This provides multilingual assistance.
  • You can read text messages that are incoming or outgoing.
  • Track all the chats on WhatsApp
  • See the time of each conversation and the date
  • Remotely access collected data from your online Control Panel
  • Check WhatsApp service without jailbreaking it, also on iOS devices

You Cannot Read Others WhatsApp Messages Only with Phone Number

Although several posts on YouTube and Google will tell you it is possible to read other WhatsApp messages with just their phone number, it is totally the opposite. You cannot access the messages with only a cellphone number. Most of the apps and sites that claim to get it done with just a phone number mostly turn out to be scams and only redirect you to some sort of ad. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption. Without complete access to the target’s phone, you can’t read anything. 

Method 2: Snoop with MAC Address

The other way how to get into someone’s WhatsApp is by spoofing the target phone’s MAC address from your phone. This technique is known to be very challenging and requires a moderate amount of technical expertise to be carried out. It also requires jailbreaking. WhatsApp has a tiny flaw; if two users have the same MAC address, they can run the same WhatsApp account on two phones. In the phone’s settings, you’ll find the target phone’s MAC address.

Once you have entered the target phone’s MAC address, you will have to duplicate the MAC address on your Android phone. Install WhatsApp on your phone after this is done, configure it using the target individual’s phone number, and use the authentication code obtained on the target phone to verify the WhatsApp account. If you manage to successfully complete all the steps mentioned above, you will have a clone of the target user’s WhatsApp account operating on your device.