ERP & CRM Issues for my CS and Sales Reps

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Hi all, I work at a manufacturing company and have had issues with their enterprise level ERP / CRM flows. Curious if anyone else has these problems?

  • Sales Administrators are challenged to manage in-house and/or outside sales reps through our website
  • Wholesale Dealers have a hard time placing and tracking their orders on our website
  • In House Sales Teams can’t set permanent terms, modify terms on a per order basis, update wholesale pricing and offer specials to vendors
  • Phone Sales Team are having a hard time managing phone orders and customer service issues because our ERP and website aren't properly integrated
  • Sales Reps can’t sign in to see their vendor’s orders, and they can’t place orders for their customers online

Hoping you all can help me to see if this is a commonality among the industry, or if there are some solutions.

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