What is best CRM for me?

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I'm looking for new crm cloud or opensource. My budget for cloud it's max 50€ at month For open-source i have extra budget for customization.

What I'm looking for:

  • webform easy to copy or sync in WordPress
  • track email I mean I click on lead and see all my email between me and my lead. all email need to be track open or not. I use gmail
  • send quote
  • connect with zapier or twilio or zadarma
  • livechat
  • sales automatic workflow
  • invoice
  • customer portal
  • small campaign manager with work flow

If this not exist in one software, please suggest me something who you test already and are sync.

In 2 research months I found only problem with the most famous crm like hubspot, freshsales, zoho crm, amocrm, agile crm, salesforce.

Please help me, I'm desperate.

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