AI and IoT – A Blend in Future Technologies

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AI and IoT-The future is automation, where Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things together will rule the technological aspects of our lives.

With the advent of Smart Watches, Voice Assistants and Smart Cars, the one thing we can be sure of is that the future will be full of similar devices which will make our life easier, our environment safer and the gadgets we use will be more personalized than ever.

These technological advancements will also bring tremendous change in various sectors, including Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, Automotive, Education and more.

According to research conducted by McKinsey, AI and automation will be responsible for boosting the global economy by increasing the productivity of businesses.

What is AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence embedded in machines that are trained to impersonate human or animal intelligence, emotions and behavior.

In other words, AI is a computer program that is developed in a way so that it has its own thinking and learns from its experiments/experiences.

For example, Alexa is an AI developed by Amazon, which is built to work as a Virtual Assistant to humans. Alexa is trained to recognize human speech, understand instructions so that she can fulfill the directed tasks, for example setting timers, playing music, purchasing groceries, etc.

Fun fact: The world’s most famous Robot pet is Aibo — whose proud owner is Sony. This pet-bot is so smart that it can develop its personality with time, recognize faces, and communicate with humans using musical tones.

Types of AI

There are four types of Artificial Intelligence which are as follows:

  • Reactive Machines

These are the oldest forms of AIs that do not store memory or learn from past experiences/experiments.

They react to a specific set of inputs and do not improve their present operations based on their previous activities.

  • Limited Memory

These AIs are an improved version of Reactive Machines and are capable of learning from their previously collected data.

Most of the present-day AI comes under this category. These AIs are trained with humongous data and use their memory from previous actions to define the solution for present problems. Chatbots, self-driving vehicles come under this category.

  • Theory Of Mind

Theory Of Mind is a very advanced category in AI on which several studies are still going on. These are the types of AIs that we see in science fiction movies or shows. These AIs have the capabilities of understanding human desires, intent and form decisions based on the AI theory.

A booming field of research called Artificial Emotional Intelligence caters to these AIs. Hence in the future, AI machines might be competent enough to understand our thought processes and interact with us based on our emotions, beliefs, circumstances, etc.

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