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Hi guys,

I have a ecommerce company. I do most of our sales via Aliexpress and some Amazon and most of our sales comes from arbitrage instead of stock products.

I keep my tracking on excel It is good. But business are booming. I need something that capable of doing below things. Open source and free version would be choice becuase iam not sure what im looking for especially about marketing.

*Matching product catalogue with multiple vendors and multiple product id. For ourselves and for every different vendors. I have over 3000 different product on my catalogue and also there are variants of those products.

*Ability to track customer orders and purchase orders and match them. I do mostly arbitrage so I need to track backorders.

*Some level of marketing abilities. I do giveaways and freebies and some basic lvl of ppc but its better to keep some track of current customers and contact with them offer some discount etc. And also if its help to find new customers its better.

I found Airtable, it seems it is cover first two but regarding marketing capabilties im not sure how can i use it in such purposes.

Would you kindly tell me guys how can i adjust airtable in such manner or is there any product cover all three meets.

Thank you!

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