56 Inspirational Women Leaders in Business to Connect With

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Happy International Women’s Day! March 8th is a globally celebrated day honoring the achievements of women across all industries and from all backgrounds. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality.

The History of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900s; a time in which there was massive expansion (and resulting growing pains) in the industrialized world. The population boomed, and so did the growth of revolutionary ideologies. Women began rising up and demanding a seat at the table and to be treated as equals instead of accessories. 

The world has witnessed a significant shift in society’s attitude towards women’s equality and their role in business. With more women at the helm of various industries, greater legal equality, and increased visibility as impressive role models in every aspect of life, women have made great strides throughout the decades — and continue to make strides to this day. 

Amplifying Female Leadership for a Better Future

With this progress in mind, we wanted to shine a light on 56 female leaders in the sales, marketing, and technology space. Not only are these women excelling in their fields, but they are also empowering others to do the same.

Alice Heiman

Founder & Chief Sales Energizer at Alice Heiman, LLC | Build a World-Class Sales Organization that can sell VIRTUALLY or in any situation

Amy Franko

Founder & CEO | LinkedIn Top Sales Voice | Sales Consulting & Training | Sales Keynote | Board Chair, Girl Scouts

Anita Nielsen

Sales Sensei – I Help Sales Leaders Unlock the Full Potential of their Sales Teams & Catalyze Profitable Growth | Author of “Beat the Bots”

Barbara Jemmott

Founder, Your Entrepreneurial Spirit (Y.E.S.) | Helping entrepreneurial women grow their audiences and income, online

Beth Granger

Accelerating Your Prospecting & LinkedIn Learning Curve | Trainer, Consultant, Certified Virtual Speaker | Community Builder | Networking Facilitator

Brooke B. Sellas

Done-For-You Marketing | Done-For-You Social Media Management | Done-For-You Advertising | Social-First Customer Care | ‘Marketing Companion’ Podcast Co-Host | Horse Mom

Brynne Tillman

Transforming the Way Sales Professionals Grow Their Business by Converting Connections to Conversations by Mastering LinkedIn for Social Selling | Live Training | eLearning | Group Coaching | Clubhouse @BrynneTillman

Colleen Francis

LinkedIn’s #1 Sales Influencer | Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker | Award-winning Sales Strategist | Best Selling Author

Cynthia Barnes

#WomenInSales Influencer Helping Women Band Together and Level the Playing Field | Keynote Speaker | LinkedIn Top Sales Influencer | Author

Gavriella Schuster

Corporate Vice President, Commercial Partner at Microsoft | Chinasoft International Board | TEDx Speaker | UW Bothell Board | Empowering Women

Jamie Crosbie

Founder & CEO of ProActivate | Author of “The Power of 2 Exponential Sales Leadership” | Speaker

Janice B Gordon

Helping Sales Leaders Retain and Grow Key Customers – Delivering the Experience B2B Buyers Want to Scale Your Sales | Customer Growth Expert – The Sales Expert Channel

Jenn Herman

Instagram Expert | Social Media Strategist | International Speaker, Author, & Consultant | Collector of stilettos

Julie Solomon

Speaker | CEO of EmpowerYou, Inc. | Founder: The Influencer Podcast | Creator: The Influencer Academy and Pitch It Perfect

Kasey Jones

Thought Leadership and Growth Coach for Entrepreneurs | Own Your Story to Grow Your Business | Leverage the Power of Podcast Interviews | Founder & CEO of A Better Jones

Kim Garst

CEO at KG Enterprises | Keynote Speaker | Author | Online Biz Strategist | LIVE Video Evangelist

Melinda Emerson

Business Educator | Small Business Influencer | Marketing Consultant | Social Selling Expert | Content Strategist | Bestselling Author | Podcast Host

Stephanie Liu

Virtual Keynote Speaker | Author | Co-founder of Leap Into Live Streaming | Live Streaming Strategist | NLP Trainer

Pam Didner

Accelerating B2B marketers’ contribution to Sales: Content Marketing | Sales Enablement | ABM | Keynotes | Workshops | Consulting

Sydni Craig-Hart

SMB Marketing Expert | Multicultural Marketing | Virtual Event Expert | Content Marketing Strategy/Training | Diversity | Inclusion | Digital Marketing | Facilitator | Coach to MBE & WBE

Winnie Sun

Managing Partner | Financial Advisor | Virtual Keynote Speaker | Host of Level Up with Winnie Sun

Placida Acheru

Multi Award-Winning Business Growth Strategists | #1 Bestselling Author | Speaker | TV Expert | Coach for Women Leaders