Services Offered by a Software Development Provider

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A software development provider or company designs builds, tests, deploys, manages and distributes various forms of software. They can either develop custom solutions for other businesses or they provide commercial solutions that are readily available for any company to buy and use.

These kinds of services help businesses to create and develop solutions based on their specific requirements. They may also be called upon in some cases to enhance an existing product by building a solution that will complement such a product or adding an upgrade.

Software providers estimate what a project will need including the time it will take to build it and the cost. Afterwards, the design, build, test as well as deliver the finished product to their client. Typically, they provide follow-up support as well as maintenance and if necessary, upgrades when these are needed.

More often than not, software providers help businesses and companies that do not have development teams. They may as well be useful to businesses that have development teams through project assistance and consultations. There are two major kinds of software providers. These are:

Product-based Providers: These are companies that build their own products and then deliver this to end-users which can be individuals or businesses.

Serviced-based Companies: These companies work directly with businesses to provide them with tailor-made solutions. The benefit of this is that it is personalized based on the needs of the business and it is cheaper. Also, they offer technical expertise and support to the organization. You will find more information on this in this article:

What a Software Development Provider Can Do For You

The process of building software typically starts with identifying a need, then a solution is designed for that need and it is then delivered. Doing this may involve several activities and using a variety of methodology, technologies and tools. The purpose at the end of the day is to create something that helps to make a business process easier, faster and ultimately cheaper. To this end, below are things that a software development provider can do for your business.

Application Development

Application development involves building software programs that your business can use to simplify its core functions. These applications may be web-based, mobile-based or can be desktop applications. Desktop applications are programs that are designed to work on traditional operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

While a company may choose to have one type of these applications, they may also choose to have all three. For instance, a company may have a web portal where customers can perform some transactions. In addition to this, they may have a mobile app that customers can download and use on their phones.

Desktop applications are most times not customer-centric for a lot of businesses. As such they are not designed to be connected to the internet. They are usually designed for in-house use except of course it is a commercial application.

Web development involves building a digital product that is meant to operate on the web and can be accessed anywhere. It can range from a simple website to a more complex solution. Mobile development involves building application software that runs on smartphones and other mobile devices like tablets.

It usually involves designing these applications to function on either an android operating system or iOS. Some developers are focused on one of these operating systems while some are cross-platform. That is, they can build applications for both android and iOS devices.

Data Science and Providing Business Intelligence Tools

Handling data is one of the key aspects of IT and software design. Organizations today have to deal with a lot of it. There is a value inherent in data and knowing how to obtain, validate, analyze as well as interpret it is vital to decision making. Software providers can help businesses with how to properly store their data.

They also help to unlock the value in these data by building analytical and specialized tools. With this, they help businesses to mine as well as manipulate their data so that they can get actionable insights. This will enable the organization to take proactive steps for better service delivery.

Cloud Computing

The world is shifting from storing files locally on servers, memory devices, or personal computers to using cloud technologies for storage. Software developers can help businesses to build solutions that will help to manage as well as integrate their data with cloud storage systems.

IT Consulting

Software development providers also offer IT consultation for businesses for managing their IT systems and architectures including software. They can provide personalized insights that will have an immediate impact on business operations. They may also be able to give advice on how to improve on a particular system or process. The aim of consultation here is to take the business to a higher level than it is at the moment.

IT Team Extension

Not every business can afford to have a full software team. Even if they can, it may not be cost-effective. Software development providers can act as an extension of a company’s development team and provide specialization in areas where the team may be lacking. This provides extra talents for a company to enhance its IT processes.


Here is another kind of service that developers can offer your organization. They can help to train your staff and conduct workshops on the use of various tools that will simplify your business operations.

Other services that they may be able to offer include:

  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Software support and maintenance
  • API Integration
  • IT Security
  • Software migration
  • Project management.

Need any of these services? You can get in touch with a global IT and consulting company that can provide you with solution-oriented approaches to your IT business needs.


The major purpose of software developers is to design, build and deliver solutions that will make your business process easier and faster. Additionally, they can offer your business a variety of services that will ultimately help to boost productivity and performance.