4 crucial social media roles you must fill to run a successful online community

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Every online community needs to have 4 critical social media roles to become successful and leave a lasting impression.

Social media platforms are increasing. There are about 3.8 billion social media users, an increase of over 9% compared to the previous year. And the number is rising. Apart from social platform giants like Facebook and Twitter, people use other ways to communicate, such as message boards, user groups, chat rooms, special interest forums, and virtual worlds. But if you observe any community, you will find 4 specific roles that allow a business to expand and bring people together. 

This article will shed light on the 4 crucial roles you must fill to run a thriving online community.

1. The host

The host is the most crucial part of the online community because they are responsible for making everyone feel comfortable and essential. The host holds everyone’s interest by organizing virtual events and keeping the members’ spirits high. Without the host, the online community will not be an exciting place to hang out with friends and may disintegrate. There are other duties that the host has to perform, like framing community guidelines, monitoring member interactions, and expel those who break the community rules.

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2. The facilitator

The facilitator is the one who engages with the audience and strikes delightful conversations with them. Without the facilitator, the online community would lack the spirit and enthusiasm to bind group members together and will wear off. The facilitator has a charming personality and an excellent online presence that brings others to the table. The facilitator acts as the center of the circle and establishes new relationships between different members. 

3. The Rockstar

The rockstar has a significant following and is the main attraction puller of the online community. With the rockstar, the online community will quickly add members under its umbrella and become gigantic. A rockstar has a large circle of friends and an even more extensive set of acquaintances. They are so popular that their presence alone attracts audiences like ants to honey. 

4. The initiator

The initiator is the one who makes the first move. They are the first ones to share their experiences and invite others to participate in the conversation. Unlike the facilitator, the initiator doesn’t work as a conversational link between different members. They are prime movers as they are the first to post pictures, videos, and podcasts in the online community that motivates others to join.

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The above-discussed 4 profiles are crucial for building a thriving online community. If you can categorize people based on the roles described above, you will find it easier to deal with each of them and increase your online community’s membership.

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