Updating CRM data based on LinkedIn profile changes – is this possible?

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Hi all,

I'd like to start this off by saying that I'm not myself in sales, but rather a developer who has been asked for some advice regarding integrations. I will share this post and the responses with the sales team afterwards, in order to come to a shared understanding of the possibilities.

I've tried to do the research before asking, but a lack of experience with CRM software makes it hard to interpret some of the sales blurbs I see on the CRM websites. Also, almost all CRMs tout "LinkedIn integration!!!1!one" but in many cases it's not entirely clear to me what that integration really does. In some cases, it's a "add this person to my CRM"-button, and I think I've even seen one where it's really no more than a text field where you can put the URL of your contact's LinkedIn-profile (extremely helpful, that… /s).

So here's the case – our organization is looking for a CRM system or integration that allows us to automatically track changes in LinkedIn-profiles for our leads. We have a low volume of marketing mails, and we've seen in past campaigns that the information regarding, for example, contacts for a given potential lead is often outdated. That is, people we've contacted before have, for example, left their organization.

LinkedIn has their Sales Navigator that you can seemingly hook up to SalesForce or Dynamics 365, but what their CRM sync does is mostly unclear to me (which is probably down to a lack of experience with actual CRM software on my part). So my question would be: is it possible, using LinkedIn and SalesForce or Dynamics (or another CRM), to pro-actively warn our salespeople when a contact for an organization we've added to our CRM changes jobs, so that we can do the work of updating our contacts at that moment instead of batch-wise for every campaign?

I hope the question is clear. If there's anything that needs clarification, please ask!

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