Top Online Games 2021

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In the world of casino games,  there have been several online games that continue to rank higher every day. Bring the main reason why the below list of trending online casino games are arranged based on the number of users that play it every day. Most of the top online games offer live dealer service, as well as other features for an improved gambling experience.

Here are the top online casino games to play in 2021:


Slots have always been on top of the ranking table of online casino games in the past few years. Most Canadian gamblers are known to spend their time playing slots instead of other online casino games. Slots games are quite addictive and fun to play, along with the unlimited opportunity it provides for gamblers to make money. The gameplay of slots is always awesome as most games 2021 offer progressive dinner jackpots and casino bonuses. Winning slots requires potential skills and strategies. So,  discover what works for you and implement the strategy to make money.

2. Roulette

According to Michelle Thomas view,  who has a guest post profile here,  roulette is among the oldest casino games. Players are only required to spin the wheel, in hope that their predicted number shows up.  There are different varieties of roulette, starting from European, American, and French. Each of these roulette has a different playing strategy. You have learned the best tips and tricks to secure a win. Roulette is not only played on land-based casinos anymore, as online Canadian casinos provide different varieties of customized roulette games for gamblers.

3. Blackjack

As old as the blackjack game might be, every casino player still gets excited by just hearing the name. Blackjack is a popular online game that has been modernized and customized into different variants. The gameplay provides gamblers with funny experiences, which might lead to them making money by hitting the jackpot. There’s no special method for playing blackjack, as the game outcome depends on luck.

4. Video Poker

The evolution of online gaming has entered a new stage as video poker continues to dominate the world of casino games. There’s no doubt that poker has been popular among other online casino games for decades now. However, video poker is a bit different, as it comes with strict playing rules. Although, with a unique strategy you can utilize the rules to make money 

5. Keno

Unlike other top games 2021, keno is easy to learn and play. For people who like playing the lottery, keno will always be the best choice. Keno has similar characteristics to the lottery. Based on the analysis, half the population of Canadian gamblers is rumored to spend their time playing Keno.

6. Craps

Similar to roulette, playing craps requires you to roll while hoping that the winning value will show up. Craps game is available in any online casino in Canada. Are you a fan of craps from land-based casinos, then it’s time to join the online gamblers crew to enjoy your favorite game? 

7. Sic Bo

Not everyone likes playing the complicated casino games, which is why Sci Bo keeps getting popular. The game involves you betting on the outcome of 3 dice. You choose the outcome and roll the dice. Whether you can win or lose depends on the outcome.

8. Baccarat

The baccarat game looks complex but simple to learn. Baccarat can be played online with a certain limitation. The game has been popular among other online games for a long time.

9. Pai Gow

Pai Gow is a form of poker game that’s often referred to as a two-handed poker game. The player will have to go against a dealer. For people who like playing poker against a dealer, the Pai Gow online casino game will give you great fun of playing time. 


There are tons of online casino games to play as a Canadian gambler. Independent of your preference there’s always a casino game that will suit your desire.