Apps for small businesses thriving in 2021

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Running a small business can throw up several complications, especially if you’re adjusting to Brexit. Owning a small business means that you have to wear many hats at times, be it as a communicator, a financial genius, or a problem solver.

Thankfully, in the modern world we now live in, there’s an endless array of apps aiming to make the running of a small business go that bit easier. Technological advancements are sweeping up nearly every facet of society and enabling us all to make even the most menial of tasks go that bit more smoothly. The business environment is no different.

One look at our mobile phones will tell you just how far things have progressed, with many of the helpful business apps of today accessible via our sophisticated smartphones. These same smartphones also have the capability to host Netflix movies and play an array of casino games, the types of games where you can explore a range of payment methods as an option – like Paysafecard Canada from Our smartphones are so sophisticated these days that they can perform various helpful tasks at the touch of a few buttons.

In terms of the business world, apps for small businesses are thriving more than ever. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the best apps for small businesses in 2021.


Perfect at sorting out your company’s payroll, tax and benefits processes, Gusto will give you a much clearer picture of your company’s all-round health and enable you to stay on top of any important accounting tasks. You can also manage new-hire reporting, manage your employees’ comp payments, as well as offering a range of other beneficial features.


Video conferencing apps are arguably more necessary than ever before, given the situation in the world currently. An up and coming videoconferencing app that hosts online meetings, Fuze is one of the best around. The app offers excellent audio quality, high-definition video, and it’s quick to download and easy to grasp.


Managing and tracking invoices can be a real pain at the best of times, making apps like FreshBooks a lifesaver for so many businesses around the world. FreshBooks helps you create professional invoices, as well as being able to track and organise expenses, plus being able to create various reports around your business, such as profit and loss statements. FreshBooks is slick and easy to use, too.


Time management is important in every aspect of business. If you’re late to meetings or miss deadlines, then it could be detrimental to your business as a result. On top of this, if you’re surfing the web for too long and getting sucked in by distractions then your work will suffer too. With RescueTime, you can setup alerts should you find yourself spending too much time on eBay or replying to messages on social media. Available on Mac, PC, Android and Linux, RescueTime is a clever app.


A personal task manager, OmniFocus gives its users the tools needed to organise various tasks and projects into clear and helpful to-do lists, enabling you to have all of your important objectives logged tidily away into one place.


A small portable card reader that attaches easily onto a mobile or tablet device, Square is perfect for small businesses keen to make fast and convenient transactions. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Square has been benefitting small businesses up and down the country for a while now.

Other helpful apps for small businesses are Asana, Evernote, KanbanFlow, MailChimp, Survey Monkey, Wave, and Addappt.