3 Ways Microsoft Power BI in the Cloud Promotes a Data-Driven Culture

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You may have a ton of enterprise data, but without a cloud Business Intelligence (BI) solution, your strategy is incomplete. A cloud BI solution provides access to real-time data, on the go, from anywhere, keeping everyone at your organization on the same page. Microsoft Power BI, part of the Microsoft Power Platform, is a cloud-based business analytics service that spans Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and standalone applications. Power BI unifies your critical enterprise data, analyzes it, and tells your story as eye-catching visualizations and dashboards.  

You may ask why it is so important to integrate your Microsoft cloud applications with Power BI. For starters, you reduce the complexity and security risks that can come with deploying multiple outside systems. Also, integrating Dynamics 365 and combining all the Power Platform apps; Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents enhances your experience and amplifies the total potential of the platform to empower your workforce.


Here are the top three ways Power BI can promote a data-driven culture at your organization:

1) Give everyone the tools to create and share insights and interactive data visualization.

BI has come a long way. In the past, reporting requests went through IT. Now with Power BI, complex operational data is transformed into something that is easily understood and shared. Everyone can access data and visualize in new, interesting, and creative ways. You can identify risks, and discover actionable opportunities — no more decisions based on gut feelings. Decisions can be made confidently based on facts.

Anyone can create dashboards and reports tailored to their job function, department, or to the business as a whole. Power BI offers hundreds of visuals, many out-of-the-box, and more available from Microsoft and Microsoft Partners in Microsoft AppSource. You can also create custom Power BI visuals if needed.

Power BI has the tools to create eye-catching visualizations that engage your audience. You create visualizations on a large canvas, using tools like drag-and-drop, color, shadowing, and other graphical elements.

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2) Leverage your integrated data sources and get updates in real-time. 

You can transform your disparate, unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive insights.

  • Power Query

Power Query allows you to connect many different data sources to create reports, insights, and data visualizations like charts or graphs. All your sources of data from an Excel spreadsheet, a cloud-based or on-premises hybrid data warehouse can all be synthesized.

  • Excel Integration

Excel works seamlessly with Power BI. You can connect Excel queries, reports, and data models to Power BI dashboards to broaden your data analytics and visualizations.

  • Real-Time Data

Live data in Power BI helps you make timely decisions with data streaming and updates to your dashboards in real-time using time-sensitive data collectors.

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3) Ensure your reports run well and provide opportunities to discover more. 

  • Performance Analyzer

If your reports run inefficiently, Performance Analyzer may uncover the reason. Performance Analyzer measures the performance of report elements such as DAX formulas or visuals and displays what is most and least resource-intensive, allowing you to make changes as you need.

  • Filtering Tools

Cross-filtering, drill-through, and drill-down and drill-up filtering tools help you to sort data and discover more. Cross-filtering gives you more control over applying filters when working with related tables by allowing you to apply filters to one or both sides of a table relationship. Drill through allows you to create a page in your report focusing on a specific entity. Drill through will take you to the focused page for details filtered to that context. To explore in-depth details about your data, you can drill down or drill-up. When a hierarchy is in place on a visual, drill-down will provide additional details on a specific data point.

  • AI Insights

Power BI provides several pre-trained machine learning models so that when looking for trends in your data, AI Insights in Power BI may help you discover more.

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Drive your strategy forward with Power BI.

No matter where you are, Power BI is there. It is accessible worldwide with 40 primary and backup data centers and is available in 43 languages. You can choose the closest data center to optimize performance.

Anyone can download Power BI Desktop for free to start building reports. While Power BI Desktop provides report-creation capabilities, it is Power BI cloud service that enables collaboration, sharing, and other features. The cloud service also includes native Power BI mobile apps for access on the go. To promote a data-driven culture at your organization, it is advised that you deploy the full solution.

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