Webinar: The Power of Analytics in Acumatica

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The Power of Analytics in Acumatica

Reporting is about more than numbers. It drives core decision-making and opportunities to scale.

But how do you derive true meaning and action items from the multitude of dashboards?

Business intelligence and analytics in Acumatica.

We’ll demonstrate how to go beyond simple reporting to:

  • Spot key business and industry trends,
  • Identify inefficiencies, and
  • Make more informed decisions.

Get ready to make sense out of all the raw data at your fingertips and drill deep into information in five minutes or less.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You’re spending hours gathering the data you need for presentation and analysis.
  • Uncertainties and inaccuracies loom as data exists in multiple spreadsheets across the company.
  • You want – no, you need – total control of the numbers.

Join us Thursday, February 25th at 1 pm CST!

Since no one can focus on an empty stomach, attendees will receive a $35 GrubHub voucher*. Now that’s a free lunch!

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