Microsoft Business Apps Profile: First-time MVP finds career success from community contribution

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Nijo Joseph was honored to be nominated for an MVP award in November 2019; however, he knew that he would continue his community activities even if he didn’t receive it.

But Joseph, who hails from India, did receive the coveted award in September.

“It was during the COVID 19 lockdown period and I was prepared to accept the rejection (if that was the outcome),” he told MSDW. “But be it rejection or award, I was still continuing my community activities.”

Currently, Joseph is on a short-term contract as a senior analyst programmer with KPMG Microsoft Business Solutions in Malta, handling the enhancement of Dynamics 365 client solutions.  

Learning CRM

Joseph started his career with Metadata in 2015 as a trainee working with Dynamics CRM.

Personally, I am an admirer of Microsoft technologies and that was enough for me to start with Dynamics CRM. And the following things helped me to [continue working with the product]: the level of customization Dynamics CRM allowed, the evolving nature with regular updates and upgrades on the platform, the low code elements in those days, such as business rules and workflows (I’m going to miss workflows as it’s being removed), and the awesome community. Then [Metadata] also played an important role as they used to listen to input even from a graduate trainee, which was a great motivator to learn more.

He credits Metadata with encouraging employees to participate in community forums and activities. As a new hire fresh out of college, he was also empowered learn new skills and contribute ideas on projects, which he believes accelerated his learning.