Integrating CRM to an in-house platform

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Hi everyone, I have a bit of a beginner (to the world of CRM) question.

I work for a ecommerce site that colloborates with designers.

We are currently building a designer facing portal that aims to provide data visualisations of their sales numbers (from Shopify integration) and importantly a communication system to provide updates on their press, quarterly results, invoices and any other updates that will be really useful to them.

The data visualisation is something we are building in-house but we are looking to scope out how a CRM system might be be able to help and integrate with out portal for communications.

Is it possible to integrate a CRM solution within an outside portal/dashboard (our designer portal) without having to use a standalone platform?

i.e. People could log into our dashboard but the communications would be powered by a CRM system?

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