8 Cool IoT Sensors And Devices That Stole The Show At CES 2021

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IoT Sensors And Devices- A look at the most noteworthy IoT sensors and devices at CES 2021, with applications ranging from security and home health monitoring to access control and environmental monitoring.

For Security, Home Health Monitoring, Access Control And More

The Internet of Things was alive and kicking at this year’s CES, even with the absence of physical venues in which these “things” are typically seen and experienced.

While smart home devices were aplenty at CES 2021, there were also just a lot of cool IoT devices and IoT sensors in general at the virtual show, and that includes both components meant to go inside other devices and products that are meant for use right out of the box.

Among the coolest IoT devices and sensors were a glowing IoT gateway supporting hand gestures, mini security sensors and other kinds of connected devices that can be used for a multitude of reasons, from access control to home health monitoring.

What follows are eight cool IoT sensors and devices that stole the show at this year’s CES.


AiS Multitool Sensor

The AiS Multitool sensor brings together multiple sensors and smart home controls into one device, making it the “Swiss Army knife” of sensors, according to the vendor, Direct Smarter Technology. The device connects with a smartphone and comes with a total of 12 sensors, which can detect fire, tilting, vibration, humidity, glass breaking and daylight, among other things. It also comes with four smart home control functions for controlling, securing and monitoring a property. In addition, the device can be used to control electrical devices directly. It’s available for $198.


Bio Kiosk

The Bio Kiosk is a new lobby phone-style biometric authentication concept from smart home and security vendor ConMax that is meant to serve as an access control interface for buildings. The appliance comes with multiple authentication methods, thanks to sensors and HD cameras, including by face, iris, palm and fingerprint. The appliance can also measure body temperature in under a second and detect if users are wearing face coverings. Details on availability and pricing were not available.

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