{Power 2021} First impressions for Relevance search intelligence capabilities in Dynamics 365 and Model driven Apps

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Exploring the updates from Microsoft Product group is always very exciting. Today I am going to take you through my first impressions on the Dynamics 365 Relevance search intelligence related offerings that have been introduced on to Dynamics 365.

Step 1: Let us see where to turn this on in Settings area (Power platform admin Center -> Settings -> Products -> Features):


Step 2: Once you turn the toggle on, you will need to accept the privacy policy and click Enable:


Next Click Save on bottom right corner (scroll might be required on the Settings page):


Step 3: Let us try using acronyms for the company name Dynamisity Pvt Ltd – I have used dyn pvt and it returns back the results quiet well:


Step 4: Let us try if it can understand the commonly used terms and return back some data. This time I am searching for deep somani and it still fairly gives out the results:


Step 5: Let us try searching numeric in form of strings. In this example, I am searching for District 9 as District Nine:


For a detailed read, refer here: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/intelligence-in-relevance-search/

Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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