Why is Industrial Automation a Need of The Hour?

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Doing everything on your own is no more a symbol of pride anymore. That’s how automation processes came into existence. The idea was to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing costs in return. Surprisingly, for around 60% of the industries, at least one-third of the activities can be automated.

That’s how businesses are allowing themselves to improve their efficiency and thereby revenue eventually. This is why companies need to invest in automation. But even after knowing its multitude of benefits, many business owners are still afraid to use modern technology as a part of their business.

If you are one of them, the following reasons might help you look at this differently.

Automation- Why Should You Get One For Your Business?

It’s not surprising that automation makes our lives easier. From automatic car windows to bill payments, every technology-enabled service makes life easier in many ways. So, if you are running an industry, automation would be vital for the following reasons.

It Reduces Overall Costs

It goes without saying that employing machines is a lot more cost-effective than hiring employees. The only thing that you need money for is its maintenance and years. There is no drama or any demands that you can’t fulfill. Plus, with a rise in demand, one can never rely on humans alone.

So, you can produce more within a limited time. Remember, if you are investing more in production, the revenue will be lower than expected. With automation, you tend to save with higher returns of investment.

It Improves Product Quality

To err is human. I am sure everyone is well-versed with this phrase. Right? We are great. But when it comes to errors, we tend to make mistakes. There is no denying that. But with automation systems, one can cut the factor of human inefficiencies. And this results in higher product quality.

Not only that, you can easily maintain the consistency of the final products with automation systems. For instance, one of the Industrial Automation products, i.e., DVT Cognex Machine Vision, can detect defects or the presence or absence of parts while taking measurements and so on.

It Improves Productivity

Even the best employees need a break from the routine every now and then. But with automating processes, one can even plan a shift of 24 hours, seven days a week. For instance, when Ford introduced a moving assembly line, they could reduce the time of making a vehicle from 12 hours to mere 90 minutes. Come on, even you think that’s huge, right?

It Improves Safety

Well! Understandably, reducing operation costs is essential for business owners. But that’s just one part of the equation. With industrial automation, companies are readily replacing humans from potentially hazardous environments. Humans’ efficiency is limited, and with automation, one can quickly fill that gap. For instance, heavy objects, poor air quality, or extreme temperatures won’t be an issue anymore.

In the End

Industrial automation is not helping businesses to produce more, it’s also allowing them to be more efficient and profitable in the long run.